Even clients with full documentation of the most "regular" income and asset client profiles can benefit from our team's years of experience with both jumbo loans and conventional mortgage products.

We offer competitively priced purchase and refinance rates and personalized service.
If you're here, you may have been referred by one of our Realtor partners who knows how important the timing of your purchase transaction is, or you're a returning client looking for help with your purchase or refinance. Looking to close a purchase in a very short timeframe? You may not be successful working with a credit union, online lender or big bank. Ask us to help.


We Offer:

  • Agency, portfolio, and jumbo loans
  • Terms from 10 years to 40 years
  • ARM (adjustable rate) and Fixed rate loan options: We can help you choose which makes the most sense for you.
  • Interest only loan options: for some borrowers, the flexibility to avoid paying principal each month can improve monthly cash flow and allow for maximum investment in other assets.
  • HELOC: we can lend up to 89.9% of the home's value by combining a HELOC with a new or existing first loan.
  • Home Equity Loan up to 100% of home value: These fixed rate loans are priced better than credit card debt and offer a fixed rate and payment. We can lend up to 100% of the home value with our Fixed Rate Home Equity Loans. Great for home improvement and priced more competitively than financing offered by most home centers and other retailers.
  • Variety of lenders and a wide array of products: We maintain relationships with wholesale partners who offer a huge array of white labeled products that are eventually delivered to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, large institutions including the correspondent divisions of large lenders like Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, AIG, and several local banks. These wholesale partners rely on independent brokers like us to act as an outside sales department--we add to the loan volume brought in by their own loan teams.

After careful analysis of your file, we shop for the loan product that we're most confident will offer you the combination of rate & approval timeline you are looking for. 

"No Closing Cost" Loans: Yes, we do offer a "no closing cost" option. What most lenders don't clarify is that the "no closing cost" loan is a slightly higher rate which offers a rebate to cover third party closing costs and prepaid items like advance interest. This is generally only the best choice in cases where the borrower plans to refinance or sell the home in 1-2 years after the loan closes. We can help you compare to see whether a "no closing cost" structure is really best for you long-term.

Interested in working with us even on your "regular" loan? Please begin an application or contact us for an initial consultation.