Our mission is to provide a wide array of mortgage solutions with integrity, creativity, experience and understanding.

Clients in need of financing are often in the midst of major live changes--sometimes positive, and sometimes very challenging--when they reach out to us for help. While positive events often prompt the desire to buy or refinance a home, divorce, death, derogatory credit, a need to access equity or consolidate debt are also common events which create an urgent need for a mortgage solution.

UPDATE: As of late March 2020, most of the nontraditional mortgage products, and many jumbo loan products have now been discontinued due to uncertainty in the financial markets. "exception lending" as a market segment is on hold for the time being while the financial markets chart a new path. 

In the meantime... we offer a full array of full documentation loans and are working hard to bring you unparalleled service and product options, so our full doc clients can take advantage of historically low mortgage rates!

We often work in strategic partnership with independent wealth managers and financial planners, so they are able to help high net worth clients find competitively priced mortgage options (including jumbo and super jumbo loans to $25M) from a company focused exclusively on mortgages. We can qualify clients with income, assets, or equity alone. With many retail banks offering competing asset management services, protecting our referral partner's client relationships is one of our highest priorities.

Exception Lending offers a full suite of mortgage products, from "plain vanilla" full documentation agency loans, jumbo and super jumbo loans to $25M, to alternative income loans, real estate investor loans, and private money/hard money loan products.

Why is the company called Exception Lending? Mortgage approvals are based on a set of rules for each program type called guidelines.

If a borrower needs something that doesn't fit within the program rules or guidelines, it can sometimes be approved by requesting an exception. Our goal at Exception Lending is to provide a wide array of mortgages that solve problems that sometimes can't be solved with traditional products, and a level of experience to help as many clients as possible. No matter what your challenges, we will have a product to help you, or will provide you with the information you need to prepare for a future purchase or refinance.

We know that every borrower deserves to have options and someone who is working hard to help them buy or refinance their property, even in the most challenging situations. Exception Lending turns mortgage challenges into closed loans.

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Jackie Cuneo

A tenacious problem solver, Jackie understands the mortgage process from start to finish, and has always been drawn to the more complex challenges mortgage clients may bring. Since 2010, she has helped hundreds of clients purchase and refinance properties throughout California, with over $250 million of residential and commercial loans funded since 2011.

After 10 years working at some of the country's most respected mortgage lenders, she decided to launch Exception Lending as an alternative to the "big bank" experience, with a focus on providing a much wider array of solutions than a single bank or national lender, and service levels not available through an online lender or retail bank.

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Abby Baldini
Operations Manager

Abby comes to Exception Lending with years of experience in the insurance industry, and is often the first point of contact with clients, and collaborators including title, escrow and realtors we work with. Abby joined our team to share her positive attitude, fierce devotion to the client experience, and expertise in deadline-driven and detail-focused environments. When she's not at work, you might find her working on her motorcycle, preparing for her next race. Anyone who can balance speed, accuracy and excitement is a perfect fit for our staff!

Exception Lending is an equal housing lender and equal opportunity employer. We are a 100% woman and LGBTQ owned company.