Although cannabis is legal in California for both medical and recreational use, it's still listed as a Schedule 1 substance and is still not legal on the federal level. Because many lenders work across state lines and/or are part of the federal banking system, these institutions are often unable or unwilling to work with clients who earn wages or business income from cannabis-related activity, even if that activity is completely legal in the state where it's earned.

Income earned as an employee of a cannabis business may actually be allowed even on some of the most typical mortgages, if it can be documented that the employee is not an owner of the business and is paid W2. For business owners, obtaining a mortgage from income earned can be much more challenging, but it's possible. Here are some of the options we can offer:

CBD derived from hemp and industrial hemp are now legal federally after passage of the Farm Bill in 2018. However, many banks have made a decision to avoid working with any income derived from these industries because hemp and CBD are closely related to cannabis. If you are an owner or employee in a hemp or CBD business, we may be able to help you with very competitively priced mortgage options for a primary residence or any occupancy/property type.

Employee, No Ownership: Employee w2 wages may be used to qualify for most programs, if it can be documented that the employee does not have an ownership stake in the business and therefore the income is for duties performed, rather than sale of cannabis or cannabis derived substances

Employee, Partial Ownership: This is more challenging, although we do have some compliant options that are still moderately priced. The lenders who offer these programs operate within the states where cannabis is legal and are thus able to offer borrowers options, even when income is derived from plant-touching businesses.
Business Owner: There are the same options as Employee, Partial Ownership, but additional options are also available if the funds will be used to support the business or an income property rather than for personal use. 

Many investment property programs now qualify borrowers without any personal or business income. These loans are made based only on rental income from the subject property and equity in the subject property. These programs may work well for borrowers who are not able to qualify using income earned from cannabis businesses or who choose a program that does not require any personal or business income other than rents to qualify.

We work with several private money lenders who are comfortable lending within California to Cannabis business owners and directly to Cannabis business entities. We also facilitate private lending between two parties. If a borrower knows someone who is willing to lend them the funds they need, we are able to prep disclosures, draw loan documents, schedule signing, and prepare and record trust deed to secure the loan with real estate in California. This allows two private parties to lend funds between one another at a mutually agreed upon interest rate, while maintaining security for the loan via a deed of trust recorded against the property. Our private money partners will collect a monthly servicing fee during the term of the loan. 

Not all real estate transactions are eligible for financing that is based on income derived from Cannabis based businesses, cannabis related business or any plant-touching business including legal hemp and legal CBD derived from hemp. Exception Lending and our partners operate only within legally allowed parameters for this type of lending and reserve the right to opt out of any transaction which does not meet strict regulatory/compliance standards related to Cannabis, hemp and CBD at this time.

Availability of these products may change at any time based on lenders' internal policies. We will make every effort to provide you with a financing solution or a referral to a suitable source for financing if we are unable to assist.

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